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In less than 5 decades, a majority of Americans have grown sick and fat. Most try, but few succeed with permanent weight loss or healing, despite following standard guidelines to eat less, lower fat intake, and move more. The concepts in Fast to Heal help reverse obesity and insulin resistance with effective concepts of intermittent fasting, balancing food intake, and eliminating foods that drive obesity. Fast To Heal Stories shares the inspiring stories of those who have found success by reading Shana's book, participating in her challenges, or working with her directly.


Sep 27, 2022

Margaret Floyd Berry is a functional nutritionist, writer and real food advocate. She is the founder of Eat Naked Kitchen, and the owner and director of Restorative Wellness Solutions. She has authored the books Eat Naked and The Naked Foods Cookbook. A believer in the healing power of food, she helps individuals transform their health - and their life - through simple, sustainable shifts in their diet and lifestyle.

Today, learn about digestion, autoimmunity, food sensitivities and: 

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[9:17]- The story behind how Margaret Floyd Berry became passionate about Functional Nutrition 

[17:32]- Why has there been such a rise in autoimmune diseases? 

[24:25]- Why is it so important to understand digestion and digestive complication symptoms?  

[34:52]- How does someone clean up their digestion?

[39:30]- What kind of testing is useful for providing information about poor gut health? 

[48:04]- Where do elimination diets come into play as a substitute for testing?

[52:45]- How do food sensitivities contribute to weight loss resistance? 



Instagram: @margaretfloydberry  

Private Practice: Eat Naked Kitchen 

Listen to Fast To Heal Stories Episode 42 with Margaret’s husband, James Berry, to learn how to simply integrate more organ meats into your diet: Episode 42


Instagram: @shana.hussin.rdn

Facebook: Fast To Heal With Shana Hussin



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